BristleHead Music began in the year 2001.  The name BristleHead Music arose from approximately 300000 bristle sprouts which grew on K’crasher’s head after shaving it with a number zero.

As K’crasher explains, “The name just came off the top of my head.”

BristleHead is the recording label,  publisher and promoter for K’crasher’s music including her first release “Towards The Light” and a new album due for release in the later part of 2010.

BristleHead offers tuition to those who enjoy learning to play music by ear.  Tuition includes: aural development, acoustic guitar, piano/keyboards, singing and performance technique.

K’crasher invites you to sign up for her newsletter, so you can be notified when her new album is released.

If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry, please contact BristleHead Music.